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Losing control...good for short game too?

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  • Losing control...good for short game too?

    I was watching a couple of videos of Shawn's where he talks about "losing control" is a good thing. That being (as I understand it) that the arms and hands are just hanging onto the club and going along for the ride as it were, and not controlling the swing. I think it was one of the perpetual motion drill videos? Whatever one it was, the point was the arms and the hands were NOT controlling the club and I believe he stated something to the effect of (paraphrasing somewhat) "When you feel as if you are losing control you almost have it!!!".

    So my question is this: Is this same sensation of losing control appropriate and the same for short shots? Short pitches? Short chips?

    Would love to hear comments on this.

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    Hi K5....

    In a word: Yes.

    dude abides

    p.s. However, I prefer "giving-up" control rather than "losiing" control.

    IMHO, I believe the biggest obstacle in that is our inherent, subconscious UNwillingness to allow that to happen.
    We're too concernedwith CONTROLLING, as we do in many, many aspects of our daily lives.

    As our Chairman very famously stated: "...Hitting the ball is NOT your job..." (part I & II)
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      Just happened to click on this post. I'm just an infrequent browser on these forums, but I've been a regular at Shawn's winter supervised sessions for the last few years.

      This winter, I had Shawn check out my chipping more than in past years (in the past I focused more on full swing, as I thought my chipping was reaonably good).

      No doubt that the fundamentals and core the same for short-game and chipping -- the club will naturally track an arch (don't manipulate the club), and use the weight of the club.

      For the full swing, I feel like giving up control feels like my arms are loose and relaxed in the back swing -- just toss the arm/club unit back, and you will naturally get more "tone" as your approach impact. I was using the same feeling of relaxed arms for chipping, but was sometimes inconsistent.

      The refinement in my chipping that Shawn instilled in me, was that I needed to have some tone in my arms to have a solid structure. I was being too loose with the arms. With full swing, the feeling of relaxed arms was fine, as there is time and speed in the downswing where you will naturally add tone to arms and tighten grip before impact. But with chips, there isn't much speed to the swing, so loose arms made my chips sometimes inconsistent.

      The small refinement is that I have some tone in my arms even in the set-up and backswing for chips, and I add just a bit of a zip to cut the dandelion. Shawn used the analogy of pulling a table cloth with dishes on top. Still letting the club naturally track an arch, but adding some tone and zip has significantly improved my chipping this year.