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Grip in the Palm of the Lead hand

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  • Grip in the Palm of the Lead hand

    Hey All!

    I have been working hard on my chipping and thought I would share a grip adjustment that has helped with my impulse of wanting to use my hands/wrists to much and/or steer at the bottom of my chip Motion.

    I am putting the grip in the palm of my left / lead hand so it runs diagonally through it like a putter grip along with the reverse overlap of the lead index finger over the last 3 fingers of my trail hand. Or more precisely how Shawn shows NOT to hold it in his full swing grip videos because if the gap and wear spot it causes on your glove.
    Even seems to help with flop shots by deadening my lead hand feel and compression.

    Im sure I’m not the first to stumble upon this but wanted to pass on..

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    Hi guys,
    Merry Christmas!

    I'm sure that you are correct, Rob, that you are probably NOT the first to "stumble" upon this concept.
    But, you ARE the most TIMELY!?!?!
    I'm sure that this tip will be just the trick to aid my recent chipping woes....
    Great Christmas gift! Thanks

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      Hi RS..

      Hola WIG Friends.

      and Happy New Year..

      let's noodle this out for a second..

      if we're gripping the club like Shawn for a full swing - with those old 'anatomical snuffboxes' ready to HINGE.. due to the automatic snap provided by the heavy weight ..

      what would be missing in a shorter/smaller swing?

      probably the need to hinge as much..

      so the swing matching a different sort of focus or intention don't necessarily require an arrangement of the anatomy to be snapped..

      not necessarily the only to approach the question of 'short shots' .. but certainly valid ..

      cheers for now

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