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Evidence Of 3D Flat Spot for Pitch Shots

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  • Evidence Of 3D Flat Spot for Pitch Shots

    Saw this old video and it's changed my perspective of the clubface trajectory that one might picture for a pitch shot.

    So maybe my external focus cue (for pitch shots) should be the cutting of very short dandelion stems before and after the ball (ie. brushing the grass). I've always thought about swinging a more pronounced angle of attack with pitch shots like cutting a dandelion stem in front of the ball (but that might be wrong).

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    Hi Schrodinger, Hi WIG Friends..

    saw this earlier today and thought it might relate a bit to what Schrodinger is sharing in this earlier video..

    basically it's a sort of practical application .. in this case getting a sense of what 'bounce' is on a golf club and how it can be usefully applied in different short shots..

    I like how this video shows the how and where the 'flat spot' is .. relative to the low point of the swing.

    not sure this really directly maps .. but it might help tie some stuff together for some..

    I know it helped me..

    cheers for now


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    • Schrodinger
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      Nice video find Kid. Now sort of makes sense why my short game has been so rubbish for so many years.

    • Ken Robie
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      Kid, they do not show it in either video, but do you feel that the longer the flat spot, the more body rotation is presented?

    • Schrodinger
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      Hi Ken,
      I think there is a lot more body rotation as it looks like the upper arms are connected to the ribcage and the right arm/wrist is sort of 'paddling' through impact. I tried this out from the 15th in my last game and it worked quite well. But what I also did at setup was create a lot more primary tilt and created quite an angle between my lead arm and clubshaft (low hands). Then on the backswing my left upper arm sort of connected with my ribcage (not crashed because my ribcage was also getting out of the way ) and then on the downswing I felt as if my ribcage just pushed my upper left arm around through impact (keeping that triangle between shoulders/arms/club intact).

      The problem with the above is thinking about body parts ends up with internal focus (not good) so I just tried to get the 'feel' right and then concentrated on the clubface brushing the grass through to target. Will be trying this tomorrow and will report back as it could be another WOOD red herring (Works Only One Day).