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    Hi Guys

    with 2019 near its end - and 2020 on its way .. just there over the horizon..

    something to consider for our next respective campaigns..

    'do the work'

    according to Pat Perez you can pick up 6 or more shots a round just by turning 6's into 5's and 5's into something better yet..

    I think it's a great an exciting challenge..

    and it's a place to start ..

    and I think it's where our games are..

    takes a lot of pressure off the longer shots.. might even make them a little easier and a bit more fun..

    a little practice green and some of your favorite golf balls all winter long .. might make for a more fun spring or even a few good winter rounds if you are so lucky!


    from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
    tu nunquam hic

    Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

    let energy instead of style define you.

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