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    I have been following Shawn since January and attended an in person lesson with him in Dallas. After the Dallas lesson I shot 79,79, 81,80. That was as a 15 Handicapper. I thought I was in heaven. I have advanced to the quarter finals of our match play event, then everything started to collapse when I could not get our of a greenside bunker without shanking the ball. I am now toast. I have no trouble in the fairway bunkers but in a greenside bunker it is a shank every time. I am now so preoccupied with avoiding the green side bunkers that it is affecting my iron game. Help! I need advice before my next match in two weeks.

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    With out seeing your bunker set up, I would have to believe you are either 1: losing your squat balance and letting your upper body travel in to out thereby the hosel is making contact first or 2: you just have too much of an open face and it is bouncing off the sand and into the ball. I would square the club face and just try taking a small pick of the ball with very little sand. If you can do this then it is probably your set up and focus of the ball and not swinging the club under the ball.


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      I make my best bunker shots when I line up to the target line with my Sternal Notch slightly behind or even with the the ball so that the low point of the swing is centered on or just behind the ball. I goldilocks the swing to estimate distance and to insure that the club will pass below the ball and is in line with the intended target. I find that this keeps me target oriented as opposed to swinging at a spot in front of the ball and hoping for a good outcome. Remember different sand conditions require different angles of attack. Picking the ball works too, I just don't get as good of results. I have even played with guys that putt out of low edged, flat bunkers. I've always heard, "putt when ever you can, chip when you can't, and only pitch if you must".


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        I was having a real problem getting out of green side bunkers also, and I switched to using my lob wedge as my sand wedge. Suddenly I was having no problem. Think about using a higher lofted club also.


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          I find greesside bunkers really odd type of shot out of the norm , that was only because golf was invented at some Scottish seaside location
          I like playing at some courses where sand is natural part of the enviroment but some course put way to many traps onn their courses looks silly.

          Longer bunker shorts causes me less difficulties, anything shot 30 yards or longer I try to hit more clean and jsut take just a little bit of sand if neccessary more like a flop shot.
          Shorter ones, cause more difficulty , I play the standard sand and ball and expect some roll out. Use the flange to hit the sand, (heavy enough to get the ball to the green and roll into the hole) I dont anitcipate any cutspin like the longr bunker shot, there no side spin, just make sure my lower hand and grip end keeps moving to my target. ? much like an uphill putt