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Deep lag on Pitch/Bunker Shots ?

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  • Deep lag on Pitch/Bunker Shots ?


    Quick question about some shots that require a bit of finesse.

    Should we still be looking for deep lag (that fall up sensation) on pitch shots of less than 100 yards and on bunker shots? In other words all shots where the right arm folds in the backswing?


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    Hi George,

    Good question and welcome to the forum!

    The way I see it is the handle will lead and the club head will lag with a release toward the target even for short game finesse shots; however, while others may have a different view of this, IMHO I wouldn't consider it as pronounced, emphatic, or as deep of a lag as in a full swing shot where there's a weight shift.

    The way Shawn teaches these less than 100 yard shots is with the "goldilocks" method (i.e., too much; not enough; just right) where you determine the correct amount of momentum you need to send the ball the distance you want it to go; and when you do it this way my impression is the proper amount of lag you need for that particular shot will take care of itself so long as you allow the club to release toward the target.

    So I guess my bottom line thought on this is the focus or concern shouldn't be on how deep the lag is as much as what is the correct amount of momentum that you need to get the ball (or the divot of sand with the ball included for a bunker shot) to go where you want it to go.

    I don't know how familiar you are with Shawn's videos, but here's an old and very brief one where he shows how you can determine the correct amount of momentum you need for shots in the less than 100 yard range . . .


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      Thanks Cally.

      I'm familiar with many of Shawn's videos and the Goldilocks approach.

      It's more the transition from the chip shot to the pitch and how the right elbow falls that I'm trying to ingrain. By imagining the deep lag it should ensure that the handle leads but obviously I don't want to overdo it, if it means distance control might be a problem.


      • Cally
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        Yes, I think it comes down to judging the feel for the amount of intensity you need for a particular distance, and then trusting the feel for the amount of acceleration through the shot that you need for that particular distance.