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Spine Angle Elements

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  • Spine Angle Elements

    Hi guys,

    When it comes to the spine angle in a golf swing, and how the torso moves throughout the swing, without getting too technical, there are some key elements including flexion; extension; lateral side bend; and rotation. That said, I think the key is finding the right blend of these elements.

    With this in mind, for most people would this be considered too much forward flexion at address?

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    Amazing !


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      Uncle Tea

      lives entirely in the world of 'Alpha Torque' ..

      it's a world purely made up of rotary action .. all 'around you'

      a world with no gravity in it whatsoever ..

      or at least none that I can readily see..

      it's an incredible swing..

      as Gary Player might say ..'the finest of its kind'

      cheers for now

      from the hidden Ravine below 13th at CN G&CC
      tu nunquam hic

      Secret Swing Tech c/o Pigaman @ Crackpot Labs

      let energy instead of style define you.

      Proud Member 'Quote Yourself Club'


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        It is amazing and incredible. I really don't know how he is able to do this and make contact . . . I'd say it takes much more skill and ability to do it his way than to set-up and swing in a more conventional way.

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      Insane! Looks like a rubber band.