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Tilted Spiral # 5

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  • Tilted Spiral # 5

    Hi Everyone,

    If you have not seen the video below I suggest you stop what you are doing and take the approximate 15 minutes to see it.

    Shawn refers to this video as Tilted Spiral #5; and so it is.

    This is a great video. Thanks to Shawn and the Student for this video.

    This video is WIG defined in a nut shell.

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    I agree Gary, this is a great video. Lots of helpful refining nuggets in this one including knife the grip with the index finger in the proper place (not too far over or too far under); posture; brace; head tilt, and more!


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      Hi guys,

      Does anyone know what's going on with this Forum?

      It seems that an entire thread has disappeared. It was an old thread that had a lot of posts in it, and the thread was recently revived, with a number of new posts added to it by several people within the last week or so, including several new posts that were added to it just yesterday. Now the entire thread is gone!

      At any rate, I thought I would try a post in this old thread just to see if it works.


      • COSTA103
        COSTA103 commented
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        Hi Cally,
        I SEE your "new" posting?
        Don't know what happened to the REST of the thread?

        ….but there HAS been some commentary recently about "spammers"....
        I have seen it and have taken action as I felt appropriate?

        I have the authority to delete an individual post, maybe even BAN a User.... but NOT an entire thread?

        Maybe this thread got caught up in the wash....
        Thanks for being out there with me, brother...

        dude abides

      • Cally
        Cally commented
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        Thanks for the response Dude!

        I wondered if someone managed to hack into the Forum and delete the thread. After not seeing it in the recent activity, I tried to search for it to no avail.

        If I remember correctly the title of the now missing/deleted thread was "So Disappointed in Myself." It was an old thread with a lot of posts, and many Shawn videos in it that I posted in the past. Then Rob revived the thread about a week ago, and Kid added a few new posts of his own (with a lot of time and thought invested I might add) along with some more videos; and yesterday I briefly commented on one of Rob's posts, and later I threw in a few more videos that I thought were relevant. Now it's all gone!

        Anyway, I noticed sometime yesterday afternoon that the thread was missing, and I wondered what happened.

      • Cally
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        Well it's a day later and this old thread is still here. Very strange what happened to that other old thread that's still missing.