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  • Braced tilt question


    I would like to confirm some information. If your playing a fade which puts the ball more forward in your stance. You would brace the left side without any tilt as your already behind the ball? The draw which puts the ball more back in your stance. You would brace and tilt to get behind the ball right?

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    At the 34 second mark Shawn explains ball placement for fairway woods and hybrids off the ground.
    At the 57 second mark he explains ball placement for driver off a tee.
    At 1:57 he says "I line up the name of the ball in the direction I want it to end up".
    At 3:38 he mentions playing off a slightly lower tee for a fade.

    This video looks to answer your question. Shawn's upper body setup is more neutral. At the 1:00 point he stresses "remember , there's no pre-turn in a fade". He doesn't mention "braced tilt".

    This video is from the premium channel.At about the 9 minute mark Shawn describes the difference between a draw and fade setup.

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      There will always be some tilt away from the target. In order to "get behind the ball" Shawn uses the term, "pre-turn." With the pre-turn, we literally turn our pelvis and ribcage to the right slightly until the sternum is facing the clubhead (which is placed behind the ball). With the ball forward for a fade, there is no need to pre-turn because, as you said, we are already behind the ball. But in order to sequence correctly, we need to have some tilt and maintain it throughout the swing.

      Also, keep in mind that, due to the forward bend at address, the more we pre-turn, the more sideways tilt we "appear" to have.