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  • Brace tilt

    Hi l know this has been done to death on the old forum, I am having a struggle getting myself into the correct brace/tilt/pre-turn position. Not played all winter and l need a refresher.

    I think l am over doing the brace, any thoughts or links to video footage would be greatly appreciated


    Like the new sight by the way

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    the definitive work on gathering the thinking of the Chairman was done by Happy Roman and is part of his YouTube its namesake, it's a great resource on swing instruction..

    in terms of getting the Brace Back..

    you can get feels pretty quickly from the One Leg Drill and PMD..

    you'll be able to experience the motion and shifting of weight that the brace is needed to stand up against..

    see if this gets the rust blown off your Spring Golf Swing..


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      Tom and Kid

      Thank you for your time, links were very helpful, things are looking up

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    Hi Michael

    I was overdoing the braced tilt as well... I don't know if we're talking about the same "overdoing", but what helped me is to confirm that at address position I am always able to lift my right leg (for right handed player) to make sure my weight was not on the back foot.