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Why Head Down Means Disaster - A Game Changer!

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  • Glink@Cinci
    Played in the league last night and focused on this technique that Shawn mentions in the video. It definitely made a difference in a better ball strike. Everything was not perfect, but then again I was expecting for perfection. After all, this is golf (ha). Going to spend more time working on this rhythm and flow. I realized that I do need to slow things down a a tad bit though, especially with the driver.

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  • Why Head Down Means Disaster - A Game Changer!

    Wow... I just happened to come across this video (Why head down means disaster) and must say that this one is a true game changer and going to take some to get my mind wrapped around this concept and start doing this correctly. Everything Shawn said about doing it wrong... I have doing exactly that. I don't know if anyone else out there in golf land came from my "former" thinking, but last year I following the 5 Simple Keys program, where the first key is a steady head. Hmmm.. And yet I still struggled with making good contact, early extension and a whole gambit of physical issues.

    So, now I am sure this is going to be a huge game changer for me, but want to make sur that I am not going too crazy with this and loosing my CoG and balance. My ball striking has improved immensely in the last few months following the WIG program. So... My question is... Does anyone have any recommendations here on drills and supporting videos as I start down this path to improving my swing flow? Thanks in advance for any and all recommendations.