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Most successful round with WIG to date.

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  • Most successful round with WIG to date.

    Hi all,
    I think it's very important to share our successes and keep everyone motivated so thought I would take the time to post today. I have been working hard on my WIG swing and like everyone else struggle from time to time and lose different aspects of the swing or in my case cannot take it from the range to the course. I shot an 82 yesterday and I three putted 4 holes and I can think of at least two swings where I lost my focus and did not perform the swing that I intended when I started the round. I think it is not that far of a stretch to say I could have broken 80, which I have never done. Anyway, what I wanted to share that made a difference was basically a few things I was able to do with specific swing thoughts and slight changes. First I told myself I was going to swing in slow motion off the tee with the driver and continue no matter what the results. I had great results in that I virtually hit every fairway but one and that one was 6 feet into the first cut. I did have varying ball flights with most pretty low that ran out well and maybe five or so that were high with a slight fade. Most were around the 265 range with a couple in the 280 range. Very happy with no strokes lost to being way off the fairway or lost balls. Of course I was not swinging in slow motion just felt that way compared to my normal over swing. I think I can start trusting it now. The other tweaks that made a major difference to me was trusting the closed face with my irons that I have had success with on the range but just could not bring myself to use in actual on course situations coupled with "getting behind the ball" with my stance a little more. The only way I can explain this that it is what Shawn says to do when setting up for a draw. Ball forward in stance and get behind the ball. In my case I might not really be behind the ball that much, it may just feel that way to me. It was a leap of faith as when I close the face thirty degrees, club head in middle of stance, get behind the ball a little, square the face with some tilt, and swing with a path just to the right of second base, I feel like I'm going to hit it to right field. I also tried to make sure I slowed down my swing and the results were great with a slight draw. After a while I really started to trust the setup and swing and my confidence level ballooned. Just hope this positive feedback will inspire others to keep at it because the results will come. Not saying I may not lose a lot of it next time out, but I know that it is there and attainable. One of the reasons I am posting this is so when that happens I can go back to this post and review it. Best of luck to all and keep at it. I will say that I have been working at it really hard almost every day even if it is only 20 minutes with the kettlebell and balls into the net on my patio. The hard work is paying off.

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    Well done getting that 82 . I'm sure you'll break 80 if you keep working hard with those drills but don't neglect the short game (which I tend to do).

    PS. For your short chips and pitches , I am assuming you are also swinging between 1st and 2nd base? The same theory about the clubface lagging behind a flat back of lead hand still applies?
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      Thanks, for short chips I preset the right wrist, open my stance, and swing straight through without breaking my wrists. For longer pitches I do close the club face and swing right of second base. I have had very good success around the greens chipping with whichever club allows me to get it on the green and let it roll. For me a 6 iron on a flat surface will run out 75% after going 25% of the distance in the air, an 8 iron 33/67, etc. Adjust for uphill slope, etc. My favorite chip is just off the green enough to hit a 7 iron about 30% of the distance in the air and let it run to the hole. Chipped one about a foot from the hole from about 60 feet on Sunday. Best to all.


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        So you don't use this 'Rule of 12' that I keep seeing on you-tube videos for club selection when chipping? For example , if you were planning to fly the ball 25% in the air and 75% roll , that would be a 1:3 ratio . If you minus 3 from 12 one would select a 9 iron not a 6 iron (as you mentioned above). But I suspect it all depends on your chipping action and whether you create loft or deloft , etc at impact. According to this theoretical rule of 12 , a 7 iron equates to a 1:5 air to roll ratio ( 5 times more roll distance than air carry distance).
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      I think it all depends on your stroke and how much backspin you are creating with that particular stroke. I use more of a putting stroke when chipping with lower lofted clubs. I have gone to a chipping green that is really flat and measured the distance from spots off the green to the pin and practiced/experimented with different clubs and strokes until I got pretty comfortable. Go back every now and then when I have time and try to keep it consistent. Has worked pretty well for me.