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Shameless brag about my son Ben

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  • Shameless brag about my son Ben

    My son Ben, who is #4 on his High School Golf team doing the elephant walk, with a 1 iron, out of the rough..

    We were working on the timing of the weight shift. When his transition is quick his head drops down and forward because his weight shift is behind.

    Here the one iron out of a divot in the rough the forward part of the head drop is less pronounced than it was before.

    When you give an ADHD golfer a meaningful challenge, they lock in until the challenge is met. The swing coach for Patrick Reed uses this as a tool for Patrick's development. I call it "Binge Obsessing" which mean hyper-focused over longer periods of time hours days or even weeks. In this case it was the second try...

    Jose Kuhn