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What I have learned today (LPGA vs PGA driving distances)

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  • What I have learned today (LPGA vs PGA driving distances)

    I've spent many days this week trying to find out from various people why LPGA women don't drive the ball further than PGA men.

    You probably think its quite obvious , that men are physically stronger , etc etc. But then you have Jamie Sadlowski who is maybe 5ft 10inches , doesn't weight very much but is ultra flexible (just like some LPGA players although obviously stronger than most) but then he can outdrive stronger less flexible PGA players , so what is actually happening out there? You might think , because of his flexibility , he can create greater rotational speeds in his lower and upper body , is that where his power comes from?

    Well I would have thought the same but then these stats shown below contradict that assumption. This table was sent to me by the TPI folk that conduct research and tests on 'Amateur /PGA /LPGA ' golfers and they collect their swing data in their massive database.

    Look at the 'Peak Speed' row for males and females , disregard all the columns except the one that show a range of values . These show the range of max rotational speeds of ALL the male and female golfers on their database (specifically for Pelvis, Thorax, Lead Arm, Club).

    As you can see , the females have higher top value rotational speed figures than males for Pelvis, Thorax(sternum/ribcage) , Lead Arm , Club.

    Now I wasn't suprised by females having quicker Pelvis/Thorax as they are generally more flexible than males, but greater arm and club speed ? So why aren't they driving the ball further than the men?

    Answer : They produce arm/clubhead speed at the wrong time in their downswing. They might create quicker 'lead arm/club' rotational speed at some point in the downswing but in such a way that by impact their CHS (Clubhead Speed) is less. Its basically an optimisation of hand speed/path at just the right time.

    So what lessons can we learn from this ? Trying to move certain segments of your body quicker based on some perception that it will create more clubhead speed at impact is 'nothing' if you cannot sequence your hand speed/path to optimise clubhead speed by impact.

    Rhythm is probably the most important aspect of your golf swing and if you get that right it will probably improve all aspects of your game.

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    Hi guys,
    Hey, Schodinger!

    Some very nice data here! I must admit, however, that it's a bit "over my head"?

    I couldn't help but ask myself...

    How does Gravity know what GENDER we are?

    Love this place and you guys

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      Really nothing matters at all except the speed/time variance between the club head at parallel to ball impact. That difference dictates effective attack angle in relation to desired ball flight trajectory.