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Does this prove the 'Fall' In the early downswing?

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    Just thinking about other analogies where the kinetic sequence might not fit WIG and one of them is throwing a frisbee with your lead arm . Because the arm is horizontal , there is no need for a 'fall' so one is actually practicing an OTT move.

    Skipping a stone is also a bit precarious because its teaching a right hand flipping action. That is ideal if you are your trying to create speed when the distal segments of your body get progressively shorter in length but holding a golf club makes the most distal segment longer (so the kinetic sequence will have to be different).

    Baseball and tennis swings are similar to the 'frisbee' because the arms/club are swinging more flat and perpendicular to our pivot rotation (another OTT type move)

    The only real analogies we can use to feel the proper sequence of a WIG technique seems to be:

    1. Cutting grass with a grass whip.
    2. Throwing clubs to a target.

    Even the 'slashing of the sword' seems more applicable to those who have a strong lead hand grip (and inappropriate for those of us who prefer a neutral grip ).

    We might need to be a bit more careful about the analogies we might use to feel a 'WIG' type sequence.