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    Originally posted by Onionknight View Post

    I also am worried that due to not being able to clear the hips so my arms don't crash (as well as bigger belly) and not being able to get a full forward facing finish (my chest faces 10 to 15 degrees less than the full facing finish) and this may be a constant cause of an open club face.
    Yes, the body not clearing and arms crashing can cause all sort of problems, including the release issue (like the open clubface at impact). Also, I saw your posts in the other recent threads too; and for sure the old football injuries and physical issues can be a factor that impedes your range of motion.

    Just to kind of assess where you are, I'll post some Shawn videos for you to consider.

    First, take a look at this and see if your feet position is such that they are in the optimal position to allow you to clear your hips in the backswing and through swing. Shawn suggests for most people about a 20 degree toed open foot position which essentially opens the gate for the swing both back and through . . .

    BTW, if your stance is too wide that will impede your hip turn also, so be aware of that too.

    Next, check out this video and try the body and arm drill that Shawn shows near the beginning without a club . . . .

    If you can do that with a decent turn and a reasonable range of motion then try this . . .

    Finally, here's another one to try . . .

    I hope one or more of Shawn's ideas in here will help!


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      So went to the range twice and played a round and I have adapted the Shawn videos that people suggested and my swing feels so much better and I have gone from 150 - 180 yards to 230 - 250 yards and it feels great but there is still a problem of open club face based on ball flight 50% of the time. I don't know what to do. Maybe it is just a time issue that I will take to get better with new swing. But finally broke 90 and man it felt great.


      • Jack
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        Congrats on breaking 90. Anytime you break a milestone score it feels great! Well done. If your ball starts down the fairway then fades - check that you have braced your lead leg and held it firm during impact and feel the pressure in your instep as your hips pivot. Additionally, ensure that your left cheek and eye does not drift over or in front of the ball at impact. This is an issue that haunts me at this time.
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        Hi Onionknight - If you were a semi-pro footballer , I suspect you are very strong in the upper body (large arms and shoulders). So if you are inflexible and cannot do a rotary pivot , then maybe using a 'Hitting' technique might be worth experimenting with. I suspect you are partially hitting now which basically causes a fade type ball flight. Hitting is basically converting a circular type motion to a lateral one using active lateral thrust through the ball with your rear arm. Arnold Palmer and Trevino were hitters. Note that swingers have a lot more longevity than hitters which is why Arnold found it difficult to compete against them in his later years because his arm strength started to fade.

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      Breaking 90 for the first time is an awesome accomplishment! Congrats!
      Never underestimate "best ever"? Ever.

      Well done.
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        Hi Onionknight - Here is EA Tischler explaining the different actions

        Here he is demonstrating a hitting action for an 'On Top' golfer style. Note : You wouldn't be able to replicate this action consistently unless you were also an 'On-Top' golfer (which is basically a category of golfers whose rear elbow tends to bend more back, forearm begins to face downward, and then deliver the swing with their palm facing the ground).

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          One of my misses is caused by sliding my lead hip toward the target. This causes the club face to be open at impact and usually results in a slice. Trying to counteract this by closing the club face results in a low hook when I don't slide my hips.

          You have to keep your center of gravity and your swing center relatively quiet for consistent impact and power. Shawn uses the unbalanced washing machine analogy to describe this in a couple of videos.

          I've been doing a lot of feet together and one leg swing drills to try to get the hip slide out of my system.