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Low hooks - what could be the reason?

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  • Low hooks - what could be the reason?

    Lately I've been suffering from hooks, especially low hooks. They are mostly low hooks starting towards target or even a bit pulling. What could be the reason? Happens with all the clubs but of course it is worse and happens most often with the driver or other longe clubs. I've also lost some distance even when not hooking.. Contact is bad too often. I'm pretty new to WIG and sometimes I feel I love it and sometimes feel like quiting it. Shawn has great videos and I hope you could recommend me some to try to find the swing again.

    I was thinking, can it be just the distance to the ball? Standing too close maybe.

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    I sometimes hit hard hooks or even snap hooks. Generally the reason in my swing is because I fail to anchor the head and stay behind the ball. This allows the club to go left.

    Obviously no way to know whether that's your issue or not without video.


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      Here are a few suggestions:

      Check your grip:

      Anchor your swing:

      Is your Center moving:


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        Ling I will give the why for my own swing, it is usually when my body stalls in rotation on the right side of the ball/stance and my hands continue their rotation and release (turn over) very early! Focus on the body leading the hands in the downswing rotation AFTER you have reached the top of your back swing. If you do not know what that means look for the video called "the true top of the back swing" I think it is.


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          Thank you guys. I have two main suspects right now: too strong grip (I've taken Shawn's idea of closing the clubface at address too literally with my naturally strongish grip) and letting the head move towards the target. Managed to do some acid tests home, hopefully at range tomorrow to see the real results.

          Btw, Shawn talks a lot about cutting the dandelion stems.. that analogy doesn't really work for me and causes fat shots. I have best shots looking at the ball but focusing at the release to the target. Maybe I should get that grass whip to understand what it really feels like. For now I will just use other analogies.


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            I tried all those things (thanks) and I have to be careful with the grip and remember to stay with the task which helps to anchor the head. But I felt something was missing still.. I felt I had to manipulate the downswing. I had to leave but just during the final minutes I realised that my backswing was very fast armsy throw which didn't allow my body to turn fully.. it actually caused a flying elbow. I felt that if I just let the ACU fall from there it will fall inside the target line and it will be a pull hook.. unless I open clubface which will cause a weak fade. Does that make sense?

            Unfortunately I had to rush and will do more experiments in next few days. I just watched some backswing videos and realised that I need to start it with my hips/whole body turning. Just wondering: place or toss? Shawn had a video on it and I guess will have to try both.

            It's great to get some advices here. I wish there was a coach like Shawn here...


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              Hi Ling,

              After reading your latest post a few more video suggestions.

              I would learn how to toss to get acquainted with gravity and centrifugal force and then you will have a better understanding of the place method.

              The first two videos will help explain the draw and fade. The last three videos will also go into draw and fade shots.

              Tilted Super Spiral Part 3.: 11/2/2008


              Draw and Fade part 3: 1/30/2011


              Should You Place or Toss The Backswing: 6/6/2014


              How To Stay With The Shot: 7/9/2014


              TOSS VS PLACE: June 12, 2015



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                From today's experience the main reason was the backswing.. I wasn't turning properly. Out of the way - let it fall - out of the way.. and without doing much I had many nice swings with solid contact and good ball flight. My friend was wondering what had changed in such a short time. But the grip also is important.. better I swing, I feel the need to close the clubface more for a nice draw. I guess it's due to better natural lag.

                The next object is to try to find some more club head speed meanwhile keeping this swing thought. And get the swing back with the driver too. I didn't try hybrids or woods yet today. Thanks for all the advices again.


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                  I forgot about this video. This video should give you additional advice on how to stop hooking the golf ball.


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                    The hooks are still there with the driver, but not with all thse shots. I guess it's just a focus issue. One phrase for me to remember: throw the club to the target.

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                  Here is another video that might help you.


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                    Mmm.. so my ball position might be too much forward and/or clubface too closed. I'll try to experiment this.