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  • Same length wedges

    Question for shawn
    i was watching one of your videos (dont ask me which one i watch lots) and you mentioned that your wedges where the same length as your 9iron
    i was wondering why you did this for what gain
    cheers bob

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    Hi Bob,

    You likely will not get a reply from Shawn on this Forum, as he has not been posting on here in a long time; and in fact I just checked the Member List and saw that the last time he logged on here was October 3, 2019.

    However, Shawn has said, in at least a couple videos in the past, that he prefers having his wedges the same length as his 9 iron. Here is one video where he mentions that his wedges are the same length as his 9 iron, and his reason for this is it's about how he is built, i.e., taller (6' 1") with short arms, and at a certain point in his set the length of the shaft becomes too short for him, and this is why he has his wedge shafts the same length as his 9 iron shaft (starting at about the 1:25 mark in this video is where he mentions this) . . .

    So for Shawn it's more about personal preference based on how he is built, but if you need more info or explanation on this your best bet might be to ask Shawn about it by going to the Comment section on the YouTube video I posted here for you and ask him directly.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for that cally
      perfect answer i thought that might be the case im just going down the route of having my wedges made the same size as my 9 iron only for posture reasons i guess i was just looking for validation that im doing the right thing
      thanks heaps bob