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15,000 RPM Backspin? C'mon... no way

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  • 15,000 RPM Backspin? C'mon... no way

    So, was hitting at a local simulator and was hitting a 60 yard approach over water with a Lob Wedge. 3/4 swing landed me back of the green right where I wanted. After it landed though it had so much backspin it came screaming all the way back across the green 15 yds and rolled into the water. Now I have never in my life hit a real approach shot that got any significant backspin at all, so I'm kinda doubting the simulator. So, I retake the shot, and get the same result, 2 more times. Then I look up at the stats after the last shot and I see the simulator is telling me there was 15,000 RPMs of backspin on the ball. So, questions: Is that RPM even plausible in real life or is this a symptom of hitting off artificial turf covered plywood? How would I stop hitting it with so much backspin? Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hi Jason, Greetings Senor Cally, Hola WIG Friends everywhere..

    15K RPM for any stick, let alone a wedge is pretty much unheard of - clearly an anomaly of some sort - and I would imagine that the sensor was fooled somehow ..came across this site where they have a variety of discussions going about the hows and whys of the technology..

    some stuff that I've read indicates there an be a variety of ways to get sensors to misread launch angles, spin rates and what not - and adjustments to address those concerns.. what might make sense is to get some baseline trackman data and then use that as a reference in getting some kind of read and adjustments going on the simulator.

    hope that's of some kind of useful contribution..



    here's some simulator theory as to how it reads a ball - the short of it is that depending on how light is bouncing off the surface of the ball - can make a big difference in how the sensor reads it and the computer plots it

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      Thanks all, great links and good discussion!


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        Yes, this is a very realistic number of spins - 15,000 RPMs of backspin on the ball. It takes a long time to paint here how to do it, so it will be easier to read the article, which clearly and clearly describes how to make fewer or more rotations of the golf ball on impact.