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Audio Clips breaking up

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  • Audio Clips breaking up

    Help required from eagle members on the new wisdom in golf premium site.

    Is anybody able to listen to the audio clips to the end ?

    i am using an iPad/iPhone and each of the four audio clips are ending halve way through.
    No help from Matt yet , so hopefully an expert here on the forum to help me out.


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    Sorry can't help you highflyer. I do have break up problems with the video on the new web site. Sometimes the video freezes and the audio continues. Sometimes both video and audio stops. These interruptions happen about a dozen times during a lesson. I thought it just my be my connection; however, youtube videos play without stopping.

    Anyone else have problems with the videos?


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      Hi Guys..

      best to document the issues and send along to Matt Blois - all this stuff has evolved past my useful frame of knowledge ..but some basics to this to I suspect that it could be a browser compatibility issue with how the audio/video is being addition to what sounds like a potential bandwidth issue off the server..

      some easy basics..

      1. see what the recommended browser specs are for the premium site and then check your browser..and update if/as needed..

      2. speedtest your connection can just google 'internet speedtest' and there are a number of them that will do the job

      3. if you're current browser wise (to spec) and there is good bandwidth.. and you're having playback issues.. you'll want to capture the particulars of the session (day/time and the particulars of your browser ..brand/current version) and get those either posted or emailed to Matt so that he can troubleshoot.

      my guess is that there is either a plugin or extension that is either out of date, not fully supported or in conflict ..

      so for example if YouTube works ..but the site doesn't potentially says a lot .. you know that with sufficient bandwidth, scale and browser/plug in compatibility ..stuff is basically working.. which suggests that there might be a challenge with how the video is being presented at the premium site.

      hope that helps giving you a baseline/place to start with this..

      technology is a very thorny beast .. we can't live with it ..can't live without it ..

      the good news is that it's likely an identifiable/manageable issue.. but will require a bit of diligence and patience ..


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