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  • Wisdom in golf 2018

    2017 ends soon.
    Shawn brought up many new videos recently, most not from his normal location Richmond Hill.
    Plus some vague announcements of upcoming changes.
    What do you think?
    I have a gut feeling, that he will leave Richmond Hill.

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    Happy New Year!

    thanks to you as well for your many contributions to this forum this past year and the many years before..

    good to celebrate our history - and whatever 2018 will bring.. I have no doubt that you will be leading the charge.

    Things change, Times change - the future is clearly about to bring some new things .. I hope that they only bring good and quality growth for our shared loved of the Great Game and progress on our respective journeys ..

    and for what it's worth - I suspect that you're on to something.


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      Hi guys,

      Funny thing about Careers? They do seem to evolve, change and grow?
      Opportunities have a way of presenting themselves to those who are OPEN to them?

      I agree with Marcus..... I think our Chairman has been presented with one of those opportunities...

      I, for one, have staked my location out here on the sidewalk; with my beach lounge-chair, sleeping bag and cooler full of adult-beverages, beginning what I hope will become a Line...
      A line of those of us who would like to congratulate, thank and encourage our Chairman as he ventures forth into his new opportunity.

      He has stated that announcement is coming January 15th. That's a mere couple of weeks?
      Not too long a time to wait in line?
      It is a bit "cool" here in the northeast? Some of us need a ladder to shovel the snow (eh, kid?)
      Come and join me? I can certainly use the company and the shared body-heat...

      But whatever is coming, I for one am looking forward to 2018 and will be waiting for you guys on the other side; on the new calendar...

      Be water, my friends (or snow and ice as the case may be?)
      Love this place and you guys

      Happy New Year

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      "Be water, my friends"


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        Happy new year to you guys as well.
        I am just arrived back from the final golf round in 2017. We are quite lucky in Germany actually to have 2 digit degree C Celsius, summer greens. OK. It was very windy.
        This round was a very good example of my success story with Shawn. There was not one bad drive. Some poor irons which forced me to chip, no big deal.
        It‘ s still unbelievable, how stable my golf is now, latest since Shawn visited us this summer.
        And the 3 most important tipps? Good focus, good focus and good focus.
        If I stay with my task until the end, a bad shot is nearly impossible.
        The concept or have that intermediate target in front of the ball and put the action in direction over this intermediate target with respect to the flight plan, is the door opener for great and easy golf.

        Whatever will be announced mid January, first of all thank you Shawn for all your support and I hope, we can enjoy you in future as well.
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          My guess is that Shawn will not leave Richmond Hill but I do think that the Keep Out Sign and the other signs will be replaced by 21st century technology.