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Wisdom in Golf Video Series 1.0/2.0/2.1/3.0. Which one?

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  • Wisdom in Golf Video Series 1.0/2.0/2.1/3.0. Which one?

    I'm curious to either anyone who has purchased some of these, or if someone is familiar with all of them, which one is best to get if you are going to get ONE?

    I'm not sure from any of the descriptions, if each X.0 series is like a books "revision"... and therefore I should just buy 3.0. Or, if they are all entirely different type programs, like how someone may have a "full swing" program, a "short game" program, etc.

    My assumption based off the naming of these, with the numerical system, is there are more of revisionary programs that have the same fundamental information throughout, with additions, and therefore 3.0 would be the one to purchase.

    However, I'm really not sure and this is just an assumption.

    Can anyone help out here.

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    Hi Chris

    I've got most of them - and your assumption of starting at 3.0 is a good one, and probably the thing to do.

    The reason being that if you were to jump further into Shawn's current teachings on the Premium Channel and work with the current concepts 3.0 is much closer to the 'today'.

    That having been said - all the content is high quality and valuable and you can learn a lot from any and all of it - so while the core of Shawn's swing and methodology are the same - how he breaks it down and communicates it have definitely evolved over time.

    This gets kind of nuanced - but Shawn continues to find ways to further link the relationship between target and golfer and swing . and as his understanding has grown and changed, his explanations and demonstrations have changed as well..

    Hope that's of some initial help - maybe a way to quickly visualize this might be to look at his online videos from 2011-2013 (pick a few) and then look at his more current work - and that might give you a sense of the 'then' vs. 'now' ..


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      Thank you for the information