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"Cocking the wrists"? What is the correct "thinking" about the wrists???

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  • "Cocking the wrists"? What is the correct "thinking" about the wrists???

    Help me clarify something here; on the backswing the wrist cock should happen "automatically", right? I mean there is no conscious effort to "cock the wrists", correct? If that line of thinking is correct, then if ones wrists are NOT properly cocking "automatically" as they say, then the only possible conclusion is one is somehow consciously (or unconsciously) doing something to prevent this? But what if one is not aware of any effort to control the wrists as it were?

    I saw an Iron Byron once at a local golf show a few years ago. One thing that somewhat amazed me about this device was that it's "wrists" (the part hanging onto the club that would be akin to the human wrist) were completely loose. I mean if you even just barely bumped it the wrists of an Iron Byron had absolutely ZERO resistance. You could just slightly touch it and it would swing.

    I guess in a long winded way I am having trouble understanding the role and thoughts on the wrists in the golf swing. When I don't consciously think of my wrists, they don't seem to cock "automatically" as suggested when seeing the total lack of lag in my swing videos. When I consciously cock my wrists I feel I am manipulating the club although the lag is better when viewed?

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    1st of all "quit thinking so much!!!" ;>) Now seriously unless you have some restrictions in the mobility of your wrists they will indeed function properly on their "snuff boxes" IF YOUR GRIP IS SET UP SOUNDLY. Where or how fast they hinge is totally dependent on how much momentum is used in the back swing and the width of your back swing arc. You can train yourself to allow the hing to happen where you want it. Either early or a late set, even a float load set. It is up to you and your thought process. Nothing other than gravity happens in the golf swing with out some assistance so let it swing and focus on the target! ;>)


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      Hi guys,

      Ahhhh...the old Wrist-Hinge debate?

      IMHO, to coin a phrase from our distinguished Chairman....hinging the wrists is "...NOT YOUR JOB!"
      It's GRAVITY's job' created from the circular "orbit" of the club-head around your sternal notch.

      Your wrists WILL hinge, as long as you do NOT do something to prevent it?
      I believe it can come down to grip-PRESSURE?

      If your pressure is too tight, your wrists will "lock", and prevent them from "activating"; just as it does when you make a really firm, manly (sorry ladies) HANDSHAKE?

      Now I understand that our Chairman advocates a FIRM grip on the handle; debunking the baby bird and toothpaste do I?
      Just not TOO firm.

      How firm is TOO firm?

      Grab your club with the same strength that you would use if you wanted to make a really professional impression on your new (male) boss...
      Now.....back off a wee bit at a time until it feels like your wrists have some "pliability".

      He who takes responsibility for HINGING the wrists must assume the responsibility for UN-hinging the wrists.

      IF you let it, Gravity will un-hinge your wrists at just the right time; LAG and all?
      Gravity does not make errors in timing... Humans often do.

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        Here is a good video which will help you forget about the wrists and just feel the dynamic weight of the 'ARM/CLUB' unit (not just the weight of the club via the hands). Also once you truly do let the ARM/CLUB unit swing in a 'perpetual' way without strain, in rhythm and in balance, you just have to trust your judgement about where the ball needs to be in the clubhead path to match your intent. This means you have to 'let go' of any control thoughts once you've set the arm/club unit in motion which is very scary indeed because your inclination is to 'control' everything and that won't work.

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          Has everybody seen one of the latest videos of Shawn?
          Here he says, a firmer grip (10 of 10) increases swing speed.


          • Schrodinger
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            Yes, the first video was a bit out of the ordinary and slightly controversial but I think he did it to start up a debate. All I know is that I hold onto the club depending on my intent and I try not to re-grip during the swing in any jerky fashion.

          • Alpineberlinette
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            Schroedinger, my guess is, grip pressure typically goes hand in hand with tightening forearm muscles. That restricts free wrist movement. ( double pendulum).
            I had some extraordinary shots with really strong clamped grip on the handle, but struggle to apply that on a regular base due to restricted snuff boxes.
            If I did it well the feel was to have really tight grip through the impact, but still the club releases me.
            Was not able to re-perform that on command, but the feel once I got it was....superb.

          • Cally
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            Hi guys,

            I think these recent Grip Pressure videos were aimed at the people who don't have a secure grip on the club, and a grip pressure that's way too soft, even to the point of letting go of the club during the swing.

            And what Shawn is saying now about grip pressure is really no different that what he's been saying for many years. In fact, here's a link to one of Shawn's videos from 2007 where he talks about grip pressure . . . (relevant part starting at the 3:50 mark). Note: "No birds were harmed during the shooting of this video."

            On a scale of 1 - 10, the grip pressure starts at about a 4 or 5 at address, and then the grip pressure will adjust in intensity through impact according to the type of shot and type of lie. Like Schrodinger mentioned, the grip pressure will depend on the intent. So in a nutshell, we want a secure grip, and a grip pressure that matches our intent.

            As far as tension, Shawn says that having a secure grip, and firm grip pressure, has nothing to do with tension in the swing. Shawn says that tension in the swing comes from being out of balance.

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          Originally posted by K5thbeatle View Post
          I guess in a long winded way I am having trouble understanding the role and thoughts on the wrists in the golf swing. When I don't consciously think of my wrists, they don't seem to cock "automatically" as suggested when seeing the total lack of lag in my swing videos. When I consciously cock my wrists I feel I am manipulating the club although the lag is better when viewed?
          Oldie but goodie.

          Not sure about your issue. You seem to relate wrists cocking and lag. Your wrists may be fine in the backswing but if, for example, you go to the ball, you'll early extend, unhinge early and have no lag.

          You also mentionned a better looking swing when consciously cocking your wrists. Are you doing that in the backswing or trying to keep the lag in the downswing? What is the result? More distance?


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            Here is another video by Shawn that explains wrist hinge.


            • Alpineberlinette
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              For all the swayers, have a look to the sequence of folding the wrists.

              At that point, the left arm and the club are basically still a line.
              Left palm pointing more or less to the sky.
              Body COMPLETELY out of the way already.
              Now the wrists fold, what makes the lower body?
              Barely NOTHING, it stay basically still!

              That gives an extremely stable, balanced situation, no swaying.

              From here you have all the time you need to execute the shot, cutting grass, release over the intermediate target or the good old throwing the club.

              I think that is the trick, why Shawn can talk and execute shots.
              He has time.

              We can use that time to really finish the backswing and switch easily to the main task....
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            Someone mention wrists?

            I always post this in relation to that subject. EVen tho the video is about hip clear.

            This is THE video on wrist action.

            Traditional views of the swing can hide whats going on. I love this view.

            See what needs to be achieved and understand it. Then the overthinking can truly get out of the way.

            Also look at the plane of Swing. Does your club really swing on that path?? really? He dont hit a ball but if he did just look how early in the swing the ball is taken.

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